4 Reasons Why Summer House Selling Isn’t Ideal in New Hampshire

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What is Market Value vs Assessed Value in Nashua

When it’s time to sell your Nashua home, there can be some confusion when determining the value. If you REALLY want to know what it is worth, you can pay to have an appraisal done. An agent should be able to provide you with detailed CMA reports, letting you know what is going on in … Continued

4 Ways To Deal With A Frustrating Tenant In Nashua

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How to Sell a Fix and Flip House Fast in Nashua

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Tips to Make Your Yard a Selling Point in Nashua

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How To Set Your Asking Price When Selling a Home in Nashua

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Advantages of Selling Your Home Yourself in Nashua

Most people think you need an agent to sell your home, but we want to prove otherwise. We want to share with you the advantages of selling your home yourself! The first one might be a bit obvious, but…. NO COMMISSIONS!  Real estate agents can charge 6%+ upon the sale of your home, even if … Continued

4 Tips to Help You Turn a Profit Flipping Property in New Hampshire

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4 Staging Tips To Help You Sell Fast in Nashua

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Using Psychology to Sell Your Home in Nashua

When you’re getting ready to sell your Nashua home, you’ll want to make sure you have everything working in your favor. Depending on your neighborhood, there might be several similar homes on the market, all with similar amenities. If you want to sell your house quickly, it has to stand out and feel special. In this blog, we … Continued

What It REALLY Costs To Sell Your Home in Nashua

Listing your home isn’t free. There are costs, chores and a lot of work that goes into getting your home ready for the market. Before you list your home, think about the time, energy and money that go into it. If you have a direct buyer, with a great offer, it is often preferred to … Continued

The Surprising Truth Of Being A Landlord In Nashua

Do you own a rental property in Nashua? Make sure you know the surprising truth of being a landlord in Nashua because it’s not always what you think it’s going to be… Owning a rental property seems like a great idea. You buy it cheap, you find a tenant, and then you profit from the … Continued