How do I sell my house in New Hampshire Fast
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“How Do I Sell My House Fast in New Hampshire For Cash?”

After reading through the process that we’ve detailed here, and visiting our Home and Our Company pages, you’ll find there are tremendous advantages to selling your home to a reputable real estate investor if you’re looking to sell your house in NH fast, with the added benefit of a Fair Cash offer for your house! We’ll also personally walk you through the process step-by-step so you can make an informed decision with confidence. You’ll also discover that we are 100% transparent…We have nothing to hide.

The easiest and fastest way to get you from your current situation to where you want to be with your home quickly sold is only 3 easy steps!

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We’ll call and schedule a time to meet with you at your property, gather further details about your house, and answer any questions you may have. We then present you with a cash offer and discuss potential options.

We close with cash at a local reputable title company, usually within 2 weeks, but can be sooner. We can also close whenever it’s best for you. You leave closing with cash in your pocket and house SOLD!

Now on to what you really want to know…

How Do We Come Up With Our Cash Offer to Buy Your Home in NH?

… And an Offer You’ll Be Happy With!

It’s In Our Best Interest To Give You Our Highest Possible Offer!

We spend a lot of dedicated time and effort with each and every homeowner we work with throughout New Hampshire. This includes driving all over NH, and doing a complete home analysis so we can provide you with the best offer and alternative options possible. And, we don’t charge ANY fees for our services. So, it wouldn’t make any sense to waste all of this time and effort to give low offers that no one would accept.

Our Cash offers are NOT based on how desperate you are to sell your house! We take great pride in our reputation. As we said, we NEVER take advantage of our homeowners or give “low-ball” offers!

Our offers are based solely on the market and what the numbers tell us, and we always do our very best to give you our highest possible offer!

We Base Our Offers On Your Home’s “After Repair Value”

After Repair Value or “ARV” is what the market value of your home would be, completely fixed up, and in reasonably updated or renovated condition. We thoroughly evaluate ARV, since this enables us to accurately formulate your offer.

How Do We Determine After Repair Value?

Imagine that one of your neighbors has a house that’s identical house to yours, except for some upgrades they made: they put in a new kitchen with granite counter tops, updated two bathrooms, installed new windows, applied a fresh coat of paint inside and out, put a new roof on, and had hardwood floors installed. They recently sold their house very quickly for $300K.

What Does This Tell Us?


We now know that we would also be able to sell your house fast for $300K…IF we make the same or slightly better upgrades to your house after we buy it. Why? Because it will then be comparable to your neighbor’s house, which sold quickly.


We also now know the other main factor to complete your offer: what repairs and/or upgrades will be needed to sell the house for $300K. From this, we’ll also know the Cost of Repairs. We have all information needed to come up with our offer!

How Do We Calculate Our Offers?

[Offer] = [After Repair Value] – [Cost Of Repairs] – [Our Fixed Costs] – [Our Minimum Profit]

Let’s plug in the numbers! What’s Our Offer?

(back to your imaginary neighbor…)

First, we know that your neighbor recently sold their house quickly for $300K. It was very nicely done and very competitive on the market! It makes sense that we would also be able to sell your house quickly (our house after we buy it) for $300K after we bring it to the same condition as your neighbor’s house. That would make the After Repair Value $300K.

We’ll also assume that the Cost of Repairs to put in a new kitchen with granite counter tops, updating two bathrooms, replacing windows, applying a fresh coat of paint inside and out, putting a new roof on, having hardwood floors installed, and miscellaneous repairs will be $70K. Our cost of repairs is lower than if you were to pay contractors to do repairs because we have discounted pricing for labor and materials. Lower cost of repairs means higher cash offer for your house!

What are Fixed Costs and Minimum Profit? (as we said, total honesty and transparency here)

Fixed Costs: Although you do NOT have to pay any commissions, fees, or closing costs when you sell your house directly to us (since there is no agent involved), we on the other hand do have to use an agent on the other end when we sell the house after all repairs and/or upgrades are complete. We therefore have agent commissions and closing costs, taxes, and holding costs (insurance, utilities, etc.). Combined, this is usually about 10% of our selling price (ARV).

Minimum Profit: We’re obviously in business to make a profit and buy more houses. However, we keep our profit to an absolute minimum to mitigate risk and ensure we don’t take a loss, yet still be able to present you with the highest possible offer. This benefits all! Our profit covers overhead and operating expenses (including paying our contractors). We also assume the risk and take all of the normal hassles of listing your house with agents, inspections, banks, and finding the right (and qualified) buyer for your house off your shoulders.

For this example, Our Fixed Costs will be $30K. Remember, this is about 10% of the After Repair Value ($300K).

Lastly, let’s assume Our Minimum Profit is $40K.

So, Your Offer Would Be…

[Your Offer] = [After Repair Value] – [Cost Of Repairs] – [Our Selling Costs] – [Our Minimum Profit]

[Your Offer] = $300K – $70K – $30K – $40K (which means Your Offer would be $160K)

We’ve now come up with an offer that works for US. But, in this example, does our offer work for you?

Let’s take a closer look…

We presented you with an offer of $160K.

You may be asking: “What would my house sell for if I just list it with a real estate agent?”, or you may have already had an agent who you trust tell you that your house should sell for $190K as is. Wow, that’s $30K more than our offer of $160K!

However, if you’re able to sell your house for $190K retail, you’ll actually net much less. Here’s why:

  • You pay real estate agent commissions, which are usually 6% (this alone reduces you to $174K in your pocket)
  • You may need to complete thousands of dollars in repairs to make your house ready to put on the market, and inspections may require additional costly repairs. And, there’s still no guarantee the house will sell.
  • Many buyers finance through FHA, and FHA has very strict guidelines. This often times requires additional repairs.
  • Many buyers will ask you to pay for part of their closing costs in addition to your normal closing costs
  • You’ll have months of “carrying costs” until your house sells (taxes, insurance, water/sewer, utilities, lawn maintenance/snow removal, etc). If you have a mortgage, you’ll also still be paying your monthly mortgage payments until your house is sold.

Now, that’s a lot to think about! Let’s put this in perspective (based on your situation):


Should you accept a guaranteed all-cash sale for $160K, or take a chance and list it with a realtor and maybe get $174K (before all other costs are subtracted)?


Is our offer a realistic and fair solution to put your current situation and stresses behind you, AND with cash in your pocket?


Will this also be fast and hassle-free?


Can you honestly say you are truly comfortable and happy with your decision?

But Wait

What If…

Instead of Cost of Repairs being $70K, we were able to lower it to $40K? Let’s assume your kitchen cabinets are just out of date, but are structurally in good condition…maybe refinishing and new doors? You have hardwood floors under all that dated carpeting…may just need sanding/refinishing. For your bathrooms, perhaps only tub refinishing and new vanities may be needed. We’re doing whatever we can do to lower the Cost of Repairs. We don’t know if that’s possible, but you get the idea. Some creativity and let’s see how the story changes:

Your offer would now be $190K
(roughly $20K more than you may get listing and selling your house at retail value with an agent)!

$300K (ARV) – $40K (Cost of Repairs) – $30K (Our Selling Costs) – $40K (Our Min Profit)

But, That’s Not All…

There may be other solutions to meet your needs! This is also where your situation comes into play:


As real estate investors, we have various strategies that allow us to pay more for your property. For example, your house may be in an area where the rental market is hot! We may change our strategy and buy it from you as a “buy and hold”. In other words, we would retain it as a rental. What does that do for us? It may provide us with a positive monthly cash flow. What does that do for you? It may provide you with a higher cash offer because our profit and repair costs may be lower…another Win-Win!


Not everyone is looking for a cash offer. Perhaps you’d prefer to have a monthly source of income…or maybe to mitigate tax liability. That may be another Win-Win solution we could work!

There’s not a “one size fits all” solution. You know best what works for you.
We’re just by your side to help make it happen!

Fill Out The Form Below, and we’ll immediately get to work on putting your worries and situation behind you so you can move on to whatever your plans may be. See what we can offer for your house and discover why our offers are Better! If you do get a better offer, we’ll do our very best to beat it!

We at Colony Property Investments look forward to working with you soon!

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